My travel essentials


I always get a lot of questions from people on how to pack, whats necessary and what should I always bring. As a frequent traveller, I have a list of things I always bring, wherever I go.

Handbag/ Carry On

I always travel with my handbag and avoid check in bags.              This allows me to board directly and leave the airport fast.                It is a great way of saving time and to have a nice and easy trip.

My Iphone and charger

Obviously very important to get around and be updated. 

Gopro, charger and GoPro stick 

I got my GoPro as a birthday gift from my sister and honestly its the best gift ever. I cannot wait to bring it with me anywhere. I can use it under water and it takes great pictures! 


To listen to music or watch movies on long distance flight. Some airlines make you pay for them, so always bring your own.

2 credit cards

You dont wanna get stuck!


Very important part. Bring snacks for the plane and for your first hotel night. It is always nice to have something to spoil yourself with and you will save a lot of money if you buy it from outside the airport.

Sleeping pills

My best friend during long flights. Its addictive, so be careful - but they can make a long flight look easy!

Travel suized… 

Conditioner, tooth paste, perfume, deo and make up remover. 

And of course..

tooth brush, brush, underwear, appropriate clothes and shoes.


My best friend for travels has become my backpack. It is perfect to store the necessary items for the flight trip and to carry on trips where I explore by foot and public transportation. 

Neck Pillow

A must for especially long flights


My most important gadget. It makes it so much easier to take pictures, especially when we are 2 people present - and dont want to keep asking strangers. 


I almost always carry a universal adapter with me, so I can charge my electronic gears in any situation.

Sun glasses

A. must. always. 


I always bring some cash in the same valuta as the country i'm visiting - just to be sure I can get around wherever.

Traveling documents

Even though the world is to technoogic these days I dont take any chances. I always, and ALWAYS print my travel documents ( flight, hotel, car etc.) in case. 

Straigthening Iron

For my hair, to always look fab!

My Muslim praying clothes

As a muslim I always bring my muslim wear for praying the five daily mandatory prayers.