A luxury week in Cancun


"All you need to know is that it's possible."

 -Wolf, an Appalachian Trail Hikerr.

While sitting at home in Copenhagen a cold december evening, its impossible not to be reminiscing about great weather, tasty food and nice beaches.. I know that I recently returned home after three weeks around Asia with all the above, but the caribbean - that is something special. I dont know whether its the people, the food or just because I love when people speaks Spanish, but the warm culture is so catchy, you wanna go back for sure. Last summer, 2016- my husband and I took a smal trip around North America. Starting in Mexico. Oh Mexico! What a lovely place.. Well at least Cancun was. Trendy and newly renovated airport, nice people and most importantly, extremely nice weather.

Arriving in Cancun

When you haven't been to Mexico, you dont know what to expect in advance. Mexico has a special reputation, i guess for the violence and drug trafficking so it leaves you guessing and a little concerned and I must admit, we were. I cant speak for all of Mexico, but for Cancun. What a shocking experience. Not only is the airport completely new, but when you get out from the airport, you'll notice the unimaginable clean streets. Cancun feels like a luxury, you cant get anywhere else. The palm trees fills the street from both sides and the whole look is so exotic - especially coming from a place like Denmark. They have a whole area called the Hotel zone - and almost every hotel has a beautiful view directly by the beach.

Hotels in Cancun

So we stayed in Cancun for a total of 7 nights. The first 6 nights at one hotel and the last at another. The first hotel we stayed at is named: Grand Park Royal Cancun Caribe a 5* all inclusive resort located right on the beach. The resort offers different kinds of rooms, both with jaquizzi inside the room and on the balcony, big rooms, standard rooms etc. Furthermore it offers a total of four restaurants with different themes, a cafe that offers snacks and icecream and a pizza bar near the pool. Shortly, it has everything any heart desires. The beach is insanely beautiful, the pools is nice and the evening entertainment is great! They even have assistants to help you book any kind of acitivity and a photaghraper to take pictures of you whereever you want, for a fair price. Beware that the minimum age for checking in is 18. Overall this hotel was one of, if not the best hotel experience ever and I must say that my standards are almost too high after staying here..

Thats why, When we stayed at a 4* hotel a couple of days after, I really felt the downgrade. Not that staying at the Emporio hotel & suites, was a bad experience - but the differences were clear. The rooms where a little smaller, the resort itself was remarkably smaller and they only had one restaurant. Despite all this they had free gym and a convienient store located inside the resort that lets you buy just about everything. The hotel was nice and a great experience as well. The prices differ, so this one is more affordable so it totally depends on your budget.


To get from Cancun airport to the hotel zone isnt that difficult. The time varies due to the different location of the hotels, but when you arrive it takes you less than a minute to find a taxi. You can check your hotel in advance to see if they offer airport transportation or you can visit hoppa.com.

Hoppa.com is a transportation service website, that offers transportation in varies of countries and cities. You get picked up in the airport, dropped off at your hotel and get picked back up on the day of your departure. Its easy and perfect for any trip. They'll even have a sign with your name on, waiting patiently for you. We've used it in Cancun and many other places, and it always works problem free.


In Mexico they have their own currency: the mexican peso - but what you dont know as a tourist, is that the american dollar is accepted as well. So unless you can get a great deal from a currency exchanger before going, do not use mexican pesos. You lose a hell of a lot by exchanging in Cancun airport, and they have unexpectedly high fees on their ATM machines as well. Either you Exchange at the hotel for a much better price, or I would recommend using american dollars and avoid as much as possible to take use of their expensive ATMs.


Currency: Mexican Pesos

Adapter: Be aware that if you're traveling from Europe you need an adapter for your electronic devices.

Citizens: Around 1,2 million people live in Cancun

Language: Spanish