• 1. Visit Palestine
    2. Go to the USA (Went for my first visit to California due to my study abroad - 2013)
    3. Visit Machu Picchu, in Peru
    4. Go to South America (Went to Colombia April 2018) 
    5. Go to Brazil
    6. Visit Japan (Went to tokyo; November 2017)
    7. Go to Las Vegas (Spend a week with my husband and some friends in Vegas back in 2016)

    8. Go to Macau (During my stay in Hong Kong we took a short trip to Macau, November 2016)

    9. Visit the Caribbean (First visit on my honeymoon in 2015(Jamaica) visited several times since)

    10. Visit South Africa
    11. Experience the Maldives
    12. Travel to Australia
    13. Stay at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore
    14. Go to Hawaii (Went in May 2018) 
    15. Hike Kilimanjaro in Africa
    16. Go on at least one hike ( Did the Potato chip Hike in San Diego, 2013)
    17. Go to California (Went in 2013 - first state visited)

    18. Live in the USA (Lived in Escondido(San Diego) during my study abrod for 6 months)

    19. Try to dive
    20. Snorkel in a coral reef (First time was in Cancun and second in Boracay( 2016/2017)
    21. Swim with dolphins (In Jamaica 2015 on my honeymoon)

    22. See blue whales in their nature (Went whale watching in Dana Point, California 2013)

    23. See dolphins in their true nature (Went whale watching in Dana Point where we also saw dolphins, California 2013)

    24. Go to China (Hong Kong and Macau visited in 2017 - still want to go to Beijing)

    25. Visit Chicago
    26. See Niagra Falls
    27. See the statue of Liberty (Visited New York in December 2013)
    28. Go to New Zealand
    29. Go see the Hollywood Sign (During my first stay in California 2013 and during my stay in Vegas 2016)
    30. Go to Mexico ( Went to Cancun, Mexico back in 2016)

    31. See the Northern lights
    32. Visit the Amazon in South America
    33. Marvel the Taj Mahal
    34. Visit the Grand Canyon
    35. Experience at least one Safari
    36. Walk the great Wall of China
    37. Visit Petra in Jordan
    38. Experience the beauty of the Sri Lankan nature
    39. Visit mecca & Madina
    40. Swim with sharks
    41. Visit the Egyptian Pyramids  
    42. Drive a convertable in California and Florida (First time in Miami 2015 and LA/Vegas in 2016 - and several times since)
    43. Stay at a Shangri La Resort for at least one night
    44. Stay at a Ritz Carlton Hotel for at least one night
  • 45. Stay at The Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore
  • 46. Stay in a overwater villa in the Maldives
  • ... Will be continued